A New Song

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Recently, PJ and her friend got together and were tossing ideas around about how to minister to a group of young people. They had been seeing these kids just hanging out and believed that with such idleness among them, nothing good would come of it.

PJ said, “Let’s have sort of a block party. Oh, I have a great idea, too. Let’s incorporate gospel rap into the music. I’m sure they’ll love that!” However, her friend Elizabeth was not so enthused about the idea. “Rap music,” Elizabeth started, “is so riddled with profanity and absolutely degrading. It degrades women and other groups of people. Although I know you’re not that talking about that kind of rap, I’d rather not have it in the church. Period!” PJ responded, “But it’s what they like; it’s what they listen to. So, if we’re going to draw them into the church, we need to reach them in a way that actually reaches them.”

Elizabeth was quiet for a moment, allowing what she had just heard to permeate her spirit. She loves the youth and certainly wants the best for them. She knew that it was not for her, but them; she knew that it wasn’t about her, rather, it was and is always about Jesus!

They agreed! They would incorporate Christian rap at the gathering. They both knew how very important it would be for them to reach out to the young people. It’s important for them to know God; to have a relationship with Him. They realized at that moment that it is a new way to sing; a new song to praise God.

It is written in God’s word, in Psalm 40:3:
“He has put a new song in my mouth—
Praise to our God;
Many will see it and fear,
And will trust in the Lord.”

PJ and Elizabeth came away from their time together reassured that they were doing the right thing for the young people. They know that Satan is always about destroying the next generation before they come to know God; but believe they are to do the work of God..pointing souls to Christ; everything that brings God glory.

The ministry event was outstanding! The youth talked about how nice everything was but especially how good the music was. Many even said that’s what drew them in. Even better than the good time they all had, on that evening, five young men gave their lives to Christ! Yes, an outstanding event it was.

~ Lisa Martin Benson

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