About Us

Our Mission
Speaking Against Abuse is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.  It is the mission of SAA to enlighten children and families to aid in the prevention of child abuse; and to empower and assist those who have already been victimized.  Through the Word of God and the guidance of the Holy Spirit we can help someone to transition from victim to victor.  We hope to show the victims and their families that through forgiveness they will gain freedom; freedom from the power of the actions against them; freedom from the physical and emotional control the abuser once had on them; freedom to live again.


Our Visionbeach

    • Help victims of molestation and rape recover from their emotional trauma;
    • Help develop positive self-esteem;
    • Help gain a successful life after the abuse;
    • Offer Spiritual guidance through support groups;
    • Educate the public on signs to look for when someone is being or has been abused.


Our Values
  • Responsibility – We are dedicated to providing quality services, counseling, and producing positive outcome for victims of abuse.


  • Modernization We support more efficient and resourceful ways of doing business through advanced technology and improved business practices.


  • Integrity We value respect and integrity in our daily work with our employees, the victims and their families and our communities. We will not allow our personal feelings to influence our professional judgment.


  • Teamwork We have a well-trained staff, that work together to meet any obstacles. We respect the opinions of each other and acknowledge that the best ideas come from open and honest communication.


  • Partnership We will partner with other communities, states and federal agencies to strengthen and enhance the services which we provide.
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