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Abuse knows no bounds. Abuse does not discriminate. It is not limited to social or financial status. It does not care of your race, religion or age.  Abuse is not concerned whether its victim is known or related.  Abuse simply does not care.

Abuse comes in the forms of mental, emotional, physical and sexual. With abuse comes lies, shame and guilt; all that should not be on the victims.  Abuse tears down ones self-esteem.  It brings on anger, hate and fear.

Hi, my name is Chiquita Jones.  I know firsthand what abuse does and how it affects an individual.


Speaking Against Abuse is an organization that has been birthed out of my desire to help those who have walked in my shoes or are walking where I have been.  Speaking Against Abuse (SAA) is here to be a tool in the lives who have been preyed upon to become overcomers in their lives as well!

Your freedom begins NOW!


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