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There is a difference between being B.O.L.D. for God and B.O.L.D. for the enemy.

The enemy will have a person walking around with worldly arrogance or an “I did

this myself” attitude.

To be bold for the enemy means a person is:

Barely making it from day to day.

Out to get whatever he/she can to make it.

Learning new ways to get over on someone.

Digging a grave for someone else not realizing they are digging a grave for


But a person that is B.O.L.D for the Lord knows that his/her:

Blessings come from the Lord.

Obstacles may come but He helps us to overcome them.

Lean on the Lord and not on your own understanding.

Know our Destiny is not here but HEAVEN.

Who are you B.O.L.D for?

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