Do you know who you’re wrestling against?

We do not wrestle against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers

and against the rulers of the darkness of this age (Eph 6:12a).

Satan will use people to hurt, discourage and discredit you at any cost.

We have to deal with people that hate, dislike and discredit us every day because of

the influences Satan has over them. Sadly to say, Satan never shows his followers

the outcome of their actions. He never tells them he wants their hearts to remain

hardened to carry out his devious plans.

As believers we cannot allow the deceitful things that are being said about us to

hinder our growth. So, REMEMBER, your fight is not with your loved one, co-

workers or even friends, but it is with the enemy of our souls, Satan.

Prayer: Lord, help me to overcome all the tricks the enemy has put before me.

In Jesus’ name, amen!

-Chiquita P. Jones

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There is a difference between being B.O.L.D. for God and B.O.L.D. for the enemy.

The enemy will have a person walking around with worldly arrogance or an “I did

this myself” attitude.

To be bold for the enemy means a person is:

Barely making it from day to day.

Out to get whatever he/she can to make it.

Learning new ways to get over on someone.

Digging a grave for someone else not realizing they are digging a grave for


But a person that is B.O.L.D for the Lord knows that his/her:

Blessings come from the Lord.

Obstacles may come but He helps us to overcome them.

Lean on the Lord and not on your own understanding.

Know our Destiny is not here but HEAVEN.

Who are you B.O.L.D for?

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Abuse knows no bounds. Abuse does not discriminate. It is not limited to social or financial status. It does not care of your race, religion or age.  Abuse is not concerned whether its victim is known or related.  Abuse simply does not care.

Abuse comes in the forms of mental, emotional, physical and sexual. With abuse comes lies, shame and guilt; all that should not be on the victims.  Abuse tears down ones self-esteem.  It brings on anger, hate and fear.

Hi, my name is Chiquita Jones.  I know firsthand what abuse does and how it affects an individual.


Speaking Against Abuse is an organization that has been birthed out of my desire to help those who have walked in my shoes or are walking where I have been.  Speaking Against Abuse (SAA) is here to be a tool in the lives who have been preyed upon to become overcomers in their lives as well!

Your freedom begins NOW!


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