Chiquita P. Jones

Chiquita P. JonesChiquita is a pivotal part of Speaking Against Abuse. She is a well-known public speaker and advocate for victims of abuse.  She is a published author having written a book about some important events in her life, which has brought her to be such an advocate for victims of abuse.  Her book, “I’m Not Afraid to Talk About It” has been a main factor in the road to recovery and victory for many abuse victims.  Her positivity and dedication to Speaking Against Abuse has made her a public speaker not only to abused victims but to fellowships across the Nation. Currently, she is making her way into the social media scene. Chiquita has a blog entitled Forever Changed that encourages her followers to look forward to tomorrow because it helps them to know that they are not alone. She also has a YouTube following were she posts videos that can been seen from this website.

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