I’m Listening

Jan 26, 2013 0 1048 Views

One morning I was awaiting the arrival of an e-mail. This e-mail was not coming from a friend, or even someone I knew; but I was told by my friend that the e-mail would soon be on its way to me. Of course, I believed my friend and had no doubt that it would be coming soon. However, the receipt of this e-mail seemed to take quite a bit longer than I had imagined, particularly since I was told that it was being forwarded to me right away. Well, some time passed, and I still hadn’t received the e-mail, not even a notification on my smartphone that it had been received. Perhaps there was something I was missing, so I decided to use my daughter’s laptop computer. I went into my e-mail and still after not seeing what I was looking for, I settled in to wait as long as necessary. Just then I heard, “Check your spam.” There was no one else in the room, but I heard this voice just as clear as though the voice came from someone sitting right near me. I realized Whose voice I was hearing; I knew that ‘internal voice’ and it was definitely one worth listening to. So, I took heed to what I had just heard; I did just what I heard the voice say, I checked my spam. Sure enough, there was the e-mail! The wait was over.

The Lord’s wait for us should be over. He loves us all..more specifically, He loves you and He wants to use you. When He calls, we should answer, just as the prophet Isaiah, by saying, “Here am I! Send me.” (Isaiah 6:8b) Be a willing vessel, an instrument for God’s holy use. Be a blessing.. Don’t hesitate. Don’t let it be too late.

~ Lisa Martin Benson

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