No Other Gods

Nov 17, 2013 0 909 Views

I have become more and more increasingly aware of the time that I spend with God has grown increasingly and increasingly less than it should be…

When I first had this thought, I heard, “Shame!” I realized that it was not the Holy Spirit, rather, that it was satan imposing his evil thoughts upon me. Because I was already feeling less of myself, I allowed those thoughts to resonate within me. God would not cause me to feel shame. He would not allow me to be ashamed but rather to learn of Him. He touched my heart so that I would instead turn to the word of God for guidance and instruction as well as comfort and reassurance, not run and hide from His word, nor from Him.

There’s a morning television show that I REALLY enjoy. I like it not only for the news that it brings but for the entertainment as well. There are cooking segments and interviews that are quite informing and interesting. If I couldn’t watch it in its entirety in one sitting, I would watch it on DVR, even if it took me the entire day in which to do so. However, I came to realize that these things were moving in closer and closer as it also helped to move me further and further away from God.. I was allowing this show to take up a lot of my time. This television show had become my god.

At Mount Sinai, God spoke to Moses, giving him explicit instructions to tell the children of Israel how God wanted them to live. Of all the instructions God gave to Moses, first and foremost God said that He alone is God and that no one is to have or place any god before Him nor have any other god besides Him. Just as God’s word was true and real for the children of Israel, it is true and real for us, His children, today. There is nothing that we can create nor any other created thing to which we should bow down. We are to love Him and keep His commandments. Nothing or no one should come before God .. nor is there anything that we should esteem as God. (Exodus 20:2-3)

I had to recognize and fully realize that of all the information and other learning that I could gain from this television show, there was nothing more important than learning more and more about my God. To learn of Him is to know Him and to know Him is to love Him, for He is love. I’ve turned off the television and tuned into my God!

~ Lisa Martin Benson

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