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There have been numerous accounts of people having to be rescued, whether from a broken-down amusement park ride, an abusive relationship, hostage situation or tragic accident. There is no tragedy worse than the catastrophe of having our being in sin.

Recalling the story of a young woman who was, on almost all accounts, living the life! Susie had a good life and wanted for nothing. Her career was on point; her social life was great; her financial status was envied by many; she even found herself in the arms of a handsome man. She appeared to have it all. This surely does not sound like there was any tragedy looming in her life; however, there was. The greatest tragedy in her life was that she did not have God. Her career was on point because she stepped on anyone and everyone who stood in her way. The social butterfly she thought she was turned out to be the town crier, gossiping about everyone. There was nothing great about her financial status because she was stealing from her family to make herself look good and get the things she wanted. Finally, the man in whose arms she was being held was her best friend’s husband. Not the good life at all.

Susie knew deep down that how she was living was wrong, but wouldn’t it be too hard to turn things around? How would she make it? She didn’t know how she would do it, but she knew she had to change. She decided to give her life to Christ. Susie grew up in church, so it was not so foreign to her. She went to church that next Sunday and her life was no longer the same. Susie was no longer who she used to be; she had been rescued, now she is redeemed! (Psalm 103:4)

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