Why Do You Fear?

Apr 6, 2013 0 977 Views

Summertime. A time of play and lots of fun. No school, no teachers, no homework. Backyard basketball, playground football and baseball… Lots of ice pops and water games too!

The children loved splashing around in their inflatable pool but now they were in unchartered territory. Anastasia was intrigued by the pool made into the ground; nothing like the pool in her own backyard. She was even more fascinated by the diving board. Alexander and Andrew were enjoying their time in the pool, but Anastasia was a bit more frightened. Each time she approached the steps to the diving board, fear seemed to grip her tighter and tighter.

Finally, Mrs. Frances wrapped her arm around Anastasia’s shoulder and encouraged her to repeat these words, “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” (I Timothy 1:7) After about the fourth or fifth time, Anastasia climbed onto the ladder, walked out onto the diving board and jumped in! Before long, she was jumping in and splashing about like she had been doing this for years.

We should all face our fears with such authority, reminding ourselves that God has not given us such a spirit. He has given us His Spirit. He has given us His love; we have all that we need!

Lisa Martin Benson ~

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